ROME International Cafe

ROME Int'l Cafe: your favorite spot for English conversation, international exchange and art!

The group Heisei Roman will perform Tate (stage fight), Buyo (dance), Shakuhachi (flute) and Shaminsen, as well as a Special Spring Dance! It's a very good opportunity to experience Japanese culture, so join us and let's dance together
Check the schedule at the ROME Cafe special page!

We will hold an international party to create a space for multicultural communication. There will be many non-Japanese and Japanese as well. Let's experience intercultural exchange in a relaxed environment! It's a great event for those who want to speak English, practice Japanese or make international friends.

What's special about ROME International Cafe

. Non-profit event.
. Many surprises and special discounts.
. Super close to the station!
. Easy to participate for those who come alone as well.

Special Discounts

. Stamp Card:
Fill in the card with the stamps and win one free admission to the party!
Get one stamp when:
. bringing one friend;
. coming to the party.

Event info

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